The reception is every day opened from 9.00 - 12.00 hours, from 14.00 - 17.30 hours and from 19.00 - 20.00 hours. When you arrive you can register at the reception. At the reception we also have coffee / tea, soft drinks, beer and wine, cards and stamps. In addition, we also sell various types of camping gas.
You can pay cash, but also with a debit card. 

Every day you can order fresh bread for the next day. The bread will be fresh baked and you can pick it up after nine o'clock.

Our campsite is provided with modern sanitary facilites: laundrette, warm water showers and a private room for the disabled, in which there is a special toilet and showe. Since we find hygiene very important, we clean this building 2 - 3 times a day in the high seasaon.
We have an outdoor playground for the kids, in the summer the playroom is also opened. We also have free WIFI at the whole campsite.

The Sep-card

On the campsite we use a Sep-card. This Sep-card is for showering, hot water, washing-machine and dryer. The Sep-card is a card (size credit card) with an electronic chip in it.


What do I need the Sep-card for?

You need the Sep-card for several things:

Opening the barrier when you want to take your car on the terrain or drive off the terrain. This can only be done between 7.30 and 23.00. After 23.00 the barrier closes and you will not be able to take your car on to or of the terrain. Should you want to leave at say, 7.00, please park your car on the parking spot outside the campsite the evening before.
Opening the shower area between 22.00 and 7.00. The doors of this building are closed at night and can only be opened with the card; so please take it with you after 22.00 or before 7.00!
Shower, warm water, washing machine, dryer
Disabled facilities; Should you be needing the disabled facilities, please notify the receptionist when registering!

What do I pay for the Sep-card?
You pay a 25 euro deposit for the Sep-card with a minimum of 5 euros ‘shower money’. So, in total, you pay 30 euro for the Sep-card on arrival. The 25 euro deposit will of course be returned to you on departure. Please take notice that check out time is between  9.00 and 12.00! The reception is closed between 12.00 and 14.00! 
When you check out, you will not only have your deposit refunded, but also the money that is still left on the Sep-card.

The 5 euros that is loaded onto your Sep-card in the reception on arrival can be used for the shower, warm water and washing machine. Warm water for the shower costs 16 cents per minute, warm water for the dishes 25 cents, the washing machine is 4,50 euros (including laundry detergent) and the dryer is 50 cents per 12 minutes. The costs of these will be taken out of your 5 euros automatically. The displays will show the remainder of the sum..

Watch your limit credit
Because there is a credit on your Sep-card it can happen that it is nearly empty. It isn’t nice when your in the shower and it stops because your credit is gone. When you see your credit is low, you can go to the reception and recharge it. The recharge has to be paid right away and can’t be put on to your bill.