Green key

What is Green Key?
The Green Key is an international eco-label for tourism. Businesses awarded the Green Key fulfil technical criteria, management criteria and criteria on communication. Onsite checks are performed regularly on all Green Key businesses

Who stand behind Green Key?

Green Key is a campaign in the FEE network. FEE is Foundation for Environmental Education. Other FEE campaigns are Blue Flag, Young Reporters for the Environment, Learning About Forests, and Eco Schools. In each country a national steering group with representation from authorities, NGO’s and business associations ensures the credibility of the national Green Key campaign

How green are Green Key awarded businesses?

Each business awarded the Green Key fulfils a long list of criteria on technical issues, management, and communication. Investigations has shown that Green Key businesses compared to non-Green Key businesses use 20 pct. less electricity, 25 pct. less energy for heating, and 27 pct. less water per guest.

Is Green Key different from other eco-labels?

Most eco-labels on tourism products consist - like the Green Key - in criteria on management and technical issues. In comparison, most eco-labels also ensure approximately the same level of environmental content. The Green key is unique in the sense that it focuses on environmental education. The criteria make demands on staff, guests and suppliers in envovlement in the international work. Allso The Green Key is international and supported by consumer groups, NGO’s, authorities, and the business associations. No other eco-label – including the EU Flower and the Nordic Swan – is recognised so wide.